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Utilizing the power of manipulated macrophages

What We Do

Macrophage Repolarisation Technology

Immune System Re-programming For An Optimized Treatment Of Solid Tumor Types

Makrolife Biotech is an integrated pharmaceutical biotechnology company focused on developing Small Molecule therapies to control the immune system for immuno-oncology.


tumor therapy by macrophage repolarization through small molecules

Small Molecules repolarize monocytes and macrophages into an inflammatory anti-tumoral M1 phenotype

An advanced therapeutic treatment

Makrolife Biotech is delevoping a groundbreaking application of macrophages, enhancing the traditional approach to immunotherapy by applying the benefits of macrophage genetics.

Makrolife Biotech is broadening the therapeutic potential of immunotherapy by targeting macrophages, the master regulator of the immune system. Macrophages can adopt several functional roles in response to signals from their environment. 


Makrolife Biotech is developing a groundbreaking application of macrophages, enhancing the traditional approach to immonutherapy, battling the progress of cancer and providing a new and positive outlook on life.


At Makrolife Biotech, we are applying a multitude of molecules that initiate immune cells to target tumors in a specific way, anticipating to render the tumor cells permanently innocuous.


Based on advanced cell therapies that rely on groundbreaking platform technology, Makrolife Biotech's approach allows for the genetic enhancement of macrophages and monocytes that may usher a new chapter in oncology.

Makrolife Biotech´s unique therapeutic approach

Our macrophage repolarizing Small Molecules trigger natural biological switches that transform immuno-suppressive M2-like macrophages into pro-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic macrophages.

These M1-like macrophages not only kill tumor cells, but also set in motion a cascade of signaling molecules that attract and turn on other cancer-fighting immune cells in the tumor microenvironment.

What We Do